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Over 25 years of experience with international logistics

The JET Group was formed in 1988 when father Janssen took over transport company Van Vlierden. In 1989 J.E.T. (Janssen Expeditie & Transport) was founded. At the time, the main activity consisted of carrying out orders in subcontracts.
In 1994, sons Stefan and Nico Janssen entered the business. They brought a wind of change throughout Janssen Expeditie & Transport. A new strategic vision allowed J.E.T. to develop an own identity. As a result, the role of J.E.T. changed from that of a subcontractor to that of a transporter with an own identity.
Their efforts paid off. In 1997 the company invested in an own warehouse in the industrial zone of Opglabbeek. Besides that, J.E.T. drew a European card which was not quite obvious: J.E.T. was the First Belgian transport company to open a branch in Eastern-Germany. The German branch was given its own identity in 2001: J.E.T. GmbH was now a fact.
The next strategic step was the expansion of a professional network that guaranteed quality and customer service. In 2002, J.E.T. entered into a partnership with the German Online. The entry to this network allowed J.E.T. to offer high quality delivery and very good delivery times in the whole of Germany. In 2003, J.E.T. joined the French Group Astre. This solidified the position even further, this time on the French market.
Even In 2006, J.E.T. was still in the grip of the expansion strategy. This was made clear by the opening of two branches: JET SRO in the Czech Republic and JET Maxx in Belgium. Besides these steady expansions, there was also a change of name. The name “Janssen Expeditie & Transport” disappeared. Jet Logistics was now a fact. A new name, a new logo and a renewed website were launched. All this was but a small part of the ambitions the Jet Logistics wanted to realise.
To optimise the European operations, Jet Logistics started a new branch (Jet Ltd) in Bulgaria in 2007.
In 2008 Jet Logistics witnessed the creation of Astre Benelux. Together with 5 other Belgian and Dutch transport companies, JET Logistics collaborated on this new network, aiming to realise an even better service within the Benelux.
In 2010, as a result of the outbreak of the Financial and economic crisis, JET Logistics focused on the optimisation of the internal operations revolving around the customer. An intensive cost reduction programme ensured the necessary cost-effectiveness and continuity.
In 2013, the company Group around Jet Logistics is lean, mean and crisis resistant. While many transport companies go bankrupt, Jet Logistics invests in a strategic business plan with 2020 as the horizon. The expertise in logistic service is concentrated in 5 separate companies, being JET Transport, JET Warehousing, JET Renting, JET Academy and JET Consulting. JET Group is born.


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