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JET Group develops and produces market oriented protect and connect solutions for companies which seek to continuously and completely optimise their logistic value chain.
The available knowledge in each of our companies is at the service of our customers. The customer is the focal point. His questions, remarks and suggestions are our driving force to constantly improve.
To realise our mission, we always offer our customers a customer oriented solution based on our strategic pillars. These strategic pillars indicate how we can try to realise our mission:


Our organisation is accessible 24/7. This means that you can come to us with your operational questions, even outside the office hours. Furthermore, the staff of the JET Group is extremely flexible. This is made clear in several options with regard to job rotation, flexible working hours, etc.


JET Group is constantly looking for new Solutions for our customers. Besides that, the optimisation of the current service is one of our top priorities. For several customers, we have made a custom IT solution.


Quality is our showpiece. We strive for excellence, when it comes to execution as well as administrative settlements. This way, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Each year, JET Group undergoes an ISO Audit. These auditors report about us as being a trustworthy and solid organisation.

Added value

JET Group strives to adding value to all the activities we carry out. The starting point is of course our customer, or the customer of our customer. The techniques we use, fit with the Lean-philosophy: getting rid of wasting and constantly striving for efficiency.




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