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Our trump cards

Customer oriented organisation

With us, the customer is the focal point. We strive for a close cooperation. This is evident in how we think of and search for ways to improve in the entire value chain, along with our customer, etc. But we are open to constructive feedback. We want to learn and improve if possible.


We dispose of our own spacious fleet which can carry over 150 trucks. This gives us a high level of flexibility. We dispose of trucks, conditioned trailers, motor vehicles, panel vans, mega trailers, sprinters, mobile fork-lift trucks, etc. To put it briefly: We have the right equipment for every order.

Our entire fleet is equipped with a tracking device. That way, we know the location of the vehicles and which activities they carry out, etc. at any given time

International representation

Our international offices in Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria give us a geographically strong position. It offers us a high level of flexibility with regard to transport en storage options.
Besides that, JET Group is part of several professional networks. This allows us to combine the versatility and flexibility of a SME with the broad supply of a multinational.


Our quality department has a simple task. On one hand, it maps all kinds of figures like performance level, damage, etc. On the other hand, this department formulates advice and actions which benefit the whole of the organisation. The quality department is at the service of our customers.
Quality is not limited to the quality department. Our employees are constantly trained to be aware of the new regulations, specific customer procedures, etc. They make use of our very own JET Academy for this purpose.


Flexibility is the focal point of the JET Group. Our offices are accessible 24/7 for all kinds of operational questions. Besides the accessibility regarding business hours, our company is also very versatile when it comes to structure. Thanks to a high degree of job rotation, the operational department can continue at full capacity, even during unexpected absence. The involvement of the management team with the daily operations is of course also a trump.



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